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Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 023

Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 023 published on
Hello everyone. As promised i am updating again so i can catchup and i plan on posting The Eye of Ramalach tomorrow. As i said when i made the previous page, Tina was making a huge mistake and now i show part of it. Sure we haven’t addressed this much in the comic because of the economization of space, panels and story but while Tina lives in a burlesque, she is pretty much a waitress and a dancer. Lucy is also a waitress and aspiring singer. Clarisse on the other hand… she is pretty obviously a “people person”. XD For some reason drawing Clarisse kind of cracks me up. I also find it funny that she is the most covered when it comes with sleepwear but as a friend said “you don’t hang out at home with your working uniform”. I am also surprised about how the last page was received. For some reason i was expecting some complains and mails but it was very well received. Just  some minor quirks with the KB staff but nothing big. Our age verifier is still broken but i think it should be fixed during the course of this week so the following page with similar content that should be made is to at least give some warning of the content. As for Bradley… he is an asshole but a friend made me realize the paralels between him and Zap Brannigan. All the way to the disgusted coworker (Gregory/Kiff), the belligerent woman that slept with him (Tina/Leela) and the girl that liked the coworker (Clarisse/Amy). So for now have fun with this: