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Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 021

Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 021 published on 41 Comments on Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 021
Evening everyone! Here is the new update of Tina of the South. We get to see a bit more of Tina’s quick mood changes when she gets things she wants. That ought to give her a lot of trouble in the future. Also i wanted to pimp my Formspring account. Here you can ask me any sort of question you may have and i will answer was best as i can for each one. These are really fun and give a nice insight to the whole thing. Here is the link: Also my Tumblr account. I have been posting the comic pages sketches here for a couple of weeks now. Might be also nice to give it a look. Here is the link: Thanks for visiting our new website. We finished moving at last. XD
  • Ha! Tina gets real sweet, real fast when you show her a stack of bills!

    • Chaos

      When credits are dropped, clothes change.

    • Zachary

      Or it could be the reason behind those bills being presented: the authorities wanted something done about Joe.

      • Zachary


        • Kor3986

          is that it takes for a badass hotie to come on to you, 5k. I’d always thought it would be more.

          • Bman36033

            Whens the next comic coming? 😛

          • Elena

            more more more ~

        • Shadow

          Sheriff used “Wad of Cash!” It’s super effective!

          Tina used “Gratuitious Cleavage!” Critical hit! Sheriff has fainted!

      • looks like tina is gonna bang the sherrif

      • Mythrill

        Where did her hat go? One moment its on her head as she’s spitting up the booze and then its gone…

        • Comichero

          Ihave this strong irresistable urge to make out with Tina

        • Avencri

          I would say the hat went went to the same place the original position of her straps go. In the original sketch a friend suggested her hat being tipped to a side of her head. Then i considered that she was wearing the trophy hat for boasting so it would be a good idea for her to take it off when flirting to show a change in her way of acting as more drastic.

        • Rocket_T_Coyote

          You can almost hear the Hugh Montenegro music playing in the background.

          • TheAngryOldFart

            If I were him, I would be thinking “That was easy….”

          • FredCat

            But not with that face in the last panel… It would be hard to think when he’s shocked.

  • nikolai60

    First things first, Gregory is WAAAAYYY over his head, this is gonna be hilarious.

    In other news: The sheriff probably isn’t in too good shape either….

    • T-Squared/Kazuo1G

      Awww! I was hoping you would have used my onomatopoeia for when Tina spat out her liquor! XD

    • The_Rippy_One

      Gregory isn’t going to end up too worse for wear. Except his ears, anyways. I do love that little girl, but even I start to go partially deaf after the 5th hour of conversation.

      • Explosion Zuruck

        I can see where this is going…. Time to make a split over to Pirates online…. for the next 6 weeks…

      • nikolai60

        I’m not so much concerned with her chattyness, hyper-adorable cancels out part of the problem. I’m more worried that her ‘boredom’ will come back into play. Remember her opinion on the ‘subject’ last time?

        • hope we get too she her bang him >;D

      • The_Rippy_One

        *crosses fingers that this will reply properly*

        True…but he looks pretty healthy. Besides, cowboys are supposed to be bowlegged, right?

      • nikolai60

        *I think the reply went right now here’s hoping mine works this time.

        He…doesn’t seem like much of a cowboy…more like cannon fodder, considering how quickly he went from looking down on the local people to being in over his head.

      • The_Rippy_One

        If he is about to be in over his head…can I express envy?

        Other than that, I’m waiting to see whether he is cannon fodder character or an unexpectedly useful one…

      • nikolai60

        I’m guessing cannon fodder that doesn’t actually ever get killed, just constantly used as bait and sent off to keep various people ‘occupied’ based on who they are, for Clarisse that means, well, this, for someone else, it may mean being stuck entertaining the local ‘alchemist’, or the local equivalent.

        • monica89

          dont you just see it in the sherifs eyes hes day dreaming about it already lol

          • Bookmarked and subscribed!

          • Sly

            I think this comic would do great in sepia.

          • slayer


  • Dragonsbane

    Is it just me, or do Tina’s boobs change in size in every panel

    • The_Rippy_One

      To be fair, they (accurately) aren’t in evidence in the fourth because of the perspective, and in the last panel, Tina’s changed the shape of her dress by shifting her straps off her shoulders, so her breasts would shift around some.

  • Chazz

    careful Tina, that might be your brother.

  • Stompydingdong

    feels like the bounty hunter is a Clint Eastwood reference…

    • Caleb_FireFang

      Tina’s face in the sixth panel(when the fat wad of cash is dropped) is freaking epic!

      • jaknblack

        how long till the next comic I wanna know what happens?!?!?

      • strongspank

        The wait, eeess killing me.

  • Feartheswans

    I feel as though our sheriff may get lucky tonight.

    • Slimjam91

      When will the next page come in? :O