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Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 019

Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 019 published on 15 Comments on Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 019

I will be using the free week to work on the pages of Tina of the South that need to be posted.

I was quite in a good mood for some reason with this page. I think i just grew a bit more fond of Lucy here. ^^

Also i want to repeat an announcement. After page 20 is donated for. The rest of chapter 1 will be on my tab for free. It is just a way to show some gratitute for the help i had the other year and to celebrate teh fact that i finally got a job this year. Any money that might be to spare/donated shall be stored and moved for chapter 2.

I also got a question for the readers. Do you prefer Tina of the South in shades of grey or would you rather have it on color?


Yay! The comic is back in progress :D! The story and the characters are so addicting.

To answer the question, I prefer the shades of grey. Then again, I’m a big Manga reader, so I guess I’m just more used to that.

In regards to the Comic, great job, as usual! As I said on DA, I hope to see more soon!

Shades of grey are more than adequate, since that’s been the style up until now. >.>

Though the occasional colored comic just to give readers a consistent mental image of character’s appearances wouldn’t be too bad.

On-comic: I’ve been waiting for this to update for AGES. The characters look fantastic. Tina in particular is practically brimming with personality here. Very well done and I can’t wait for more.

Perhaps seeing one page colored would be nice to change it up, perhaps on a page with a lot of action in it, that would surely make it look a lot cooler.

Personally, I think the grey suits it best. It is a western afterall.

I love the comic. Keep it up! -Reads the final panel- Oh? What is this? Winchester…? xD Are you a Supernatural fan, or do you watch Supernatural by any chance, Avencri?
I’m just wondering, not a lot of people I know even realize it exists! xD
And honestly, I say have one page in color so we know what color the clothing is, the hair, the eyes, ect. Otherwise, I don’t mind it being grey. Maybe have character sheets/pages with them on it on the Cast page…?


I do know about Supernatural. My best friend is a fan and he lend me the DVDs of the first season (haven’t watched it yet).

But nope. We chose Winchester because it is a brand of guns. It was either this or Remington.

And sure, we are working on a cast section and i was planning on having colored versions of them. ^^

Awesome! I’m a huge fan of Supernatural, and I just noticed the last name for Tina is the last name for the two boys in the show. I understand why you chose it because as you said; Winchester is a brand for guns, and it sounds a heck of a lot better than ‘Remington’. xD
So, any idea when the colored versions of them will be posted? Can’t wait to see ’em! ^_^

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