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Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 020

Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 020 published on
Hello everyone!!   As promised the rest of chapter 1 from this point onwards is on my tab. Any donations recieved during this time will be moved to chapter 2 which by the way has the first two pages secured. About the posting times. I will be posting The Eye of Ramalach one week and Tina of the South the next one until i run out of pages for Tina. I also tried some things different this time. I did all the shading on SAI instead of my usual photoshop. Don’t know if the end result is  noticeable to you guys. If it is i’d like to hear if it was an improvement or not. I also ditched photoshop for the word balloons and used illustrator following  a nice video from Scott Mc Cloud on youtube. I do like this change. On a side  note… i was trying to keep the file size and height of the comics on a  constant basis since i was planning on printing the comic  in the future… but i came into a lot of trouble to fit all the script on this one so i had to make a rather large page this time. I guess there goes the printing plans. Better keep the online content flowing to be honest. This IS a webcomic to begin with. Also i am happy to have Gregory and Bradley show up. I have grown fond of Gregory over time. ^^