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Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 018

Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 018 published on 42 Comments on Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 018

Hello guys! First of all i am going to be brief now. After more than a year job hunting i finally managed to land a job. The spot is that of a web designer and while that is not exactly my area of speciality I am just more than overjoyed to finally have found a stable job. To be honest this year and a half i have been job hunting taught me a lot of things… both positive and negative. I learned that a lot of people care about me and are more than willing to help. But i also realized that it is very easy to fall in despair and depression over feeling useless, i struggled with those negative feelings more than what i really wanted or liked.

I also learned than i am more easily distracted than i thought for my own good. I learned a lot while getting a job for an internship. Applied to several scholarships to try and get one for a Master’s Degree. And i also improved a lot artwise. I also learned i am quite slow on commissions. XD

Anyways… i got a job, the place is really small and not that nice looking. And my new boss is a bit of a control freak (shudders). But a job is a job and i got a lot to learn and look forward with it.

Best of luck everyone.


So how close are ypou money wise to being able to start on the next strip?

Nikaro: Page 19 has just been paid. So this week. Xd

I’m a little confused. You mention page 19 however your latest announcement seems to end on a note implying you are bidding the comic scene adieu?

Although i’ve just seen 15 pages(This page), but i think i can pick up the story line

Perhaps next time the comic artist should see if he has time for his main comic, let alone a separate series that shows a much more promising future than The Eye of Ramalach, before pegging their gullible audience for money to actually put pages up that are complete.

Avencri is pretty well known for delaying his comic stuff lately, so I also like to blame his fans for rushing to donate money only for it to be scammed out of their hands. No one wants to donate to a dead comic or to someone who can’t find the time to put up pages or even work on them.

Nice comic work! Do you base any of your characters on people you know? I have a friend who does comics and he bases them on his dogs. Kind of funny, but it’s like they come alive in his comics.

I think his last announcement was bidding us all farewell. He was a little cryptic about it.

If so, thank you for all your work while you could work on it!

This isn’t ever going to update is it? :/

Yup, you’ve been scammed out of your money.

I agree, this is why i never pay for these web comics unless i know i get what i payed for.

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