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Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 018

Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 018 published on
Hello guys! First of all i am going to be brief now. After more than a year job hunting i finally managed to land a job. The spot is that of a web designer and while that is not exactly my area of speciality I am just more than overjoyed to finally have found a stable job. To be honest this year and a half i have been job hunting taught me a lot of things… both positive and negative. I learned that a lot of people care about me and are more than willing to help. But i also realized that it is very easy to fall in despair and depression over feeling useless, i struggled with those negative feelings more than what i really wanted or liked. I also learned than i am more easily distracted than i thought for my own good. I learned a lot while getting a job for an internship. Applied to several scholarships to try and get one for a Master’s Degree. And i also improved a lot artwise. I also learned i am quite slow on commissions. XD Anyways… i got a job, the place is really small and not that nice looking. And my new boss is a bit of a control freak (shudders). But a job is a job and i got a lot to learn and look forward with it. Best of luck everyone.