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Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 012

Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 012 published on 1 Comment on Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 012

Hello everyone! Page 12 is here. And i will take the time to remind everyone that this is a donation comic. And the donation for Page 13 is currently on development. The Eye of Ramalach is being worked on as we speak and should be back online in little to no time. I again apologize for the little inconvenience.

On another subject i just want to pimp out an amazing artists. Perhaps you have known her from before but i really want to promote her. It is Missmab, and she recently posted an amazing fanart of Tina on the FA gallery. I really invite you all to take a visit to her site and gallery since her work is awesome and her webcomic has been in the web for years!

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