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Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 004

Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 004 published on 15 Comments on Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 004
Now we get to see a bit of the backstory of Tina and Goldigger’s Haven. Old Connor and Mc Lenton talk about what kept the city alive in the past much to the annoyance of Tina, who happens to be one of the worst waitresses in the world. Seriously, if someone does that to a client it is very bad news. We get to see that Tina’s personality here, fast to act and i would say that she doesn’t really measure he actions.
  • blblalblla

    What is that girl talking to Tina in the first panel? Is that unicorn or something?

    • FredCat


    • Richard

      i belive shes a rabbit

    • blblalblla

      Well, not actually talking to Tina, but she looks like she is. The bar keeper, I think. She still kinda looks unicorn-ish

  • Timecapsule13

    SHE HAS UNLIMITED POWAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shadowkey392

      …was that a Star Wars reference?

      • Timecapsule13


        • Shadowkey392


  • Gaboris

    Oh man. Sparks – I see SPARKS! O_O

    BTW that guy is one heck of a messed up robber. Doesn’t try to murder her for seeing his face, but he does for hiding a phone? He deserves everything that’s about to happen to him. 😛

  • Facade Kitsune

    mistake seems like an under statement, who pulls a phone out to call 911 in front of the guy with the knife

  • Shadowkey392

    Ooh! Sparks!