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Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 003

Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 003 published on 1 Comment on Wanted Alive: 3 Chins Joe 003

And today is Saint Valentine’s day! A good excuse to post a page with two lovely girls, Tina and her best friend and coworker Lucy. Both girls worried about the bad attendance of costumers to The Honey Pot and all of Goldiggers Haven in general. A little bit of insight, both Tina and Lucy are burlesque dancers/showgirls and the original script of the chapter included a little scene of Tina’s dance show before the event of this page. It was nice to have that written (as well as many other details) but to be honest, if we had turned it into a comic page it would have been mindless filler. So we had to cut it for the sake of good timing comic wise. -.-U

Another little detail i liked, having the skunkette dancer instead (one of several Honey Pot girls that will show up in the backgrounds) being all frustrated that there are only two clients and none of them is paying attention to her number. I just thought it was hilarious… don’t know how many of you would agree or even notice it. ^^U

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