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Does that skunky highly wound jackass realize that he pretty much blew their evil plan to the entire damn saloon? Now they would all know if all of the sudden if the tribe is suddenly armed, pissed, and attacking settlers they know at the very least someone hired these two clowns to help instigate it. Even if Tina and “Stab-happy” Sitala killed both of them these clods here and now the sheep girl, the mistress and deer(?) girl back there, and who knows who else is in ear shot could let the heroines know what they just blurted out.

Also really dig that sheep cutie. Feel like Avencri’s seen this recently.

Wow ! Thanks for the link, it’s awesome ! That waitress is a reference to Leggy Lamb :

Soaked Pussy Saloon? I’m done.

Owner is a feline and probably has a pool in the back of the saloon. Didn’t think things through. There are actually a lot of really funny bussiness names that i wonder if were honest mistakes or people trying to be smart:

I actually asked several people for pun cat names for the saloon but i was surprised that nobody came up with any.

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