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The Pride of the Huntress: 18

The Pride of the Huntress: 18 published on 9 Comments on The Pride of the Huntress: 18

Gonna be brief since WordPress is showing no text in the description.

Gonna be out on vacations for the first time in years on the first weeks of May, i am really looking forward to visit some areas south of the country and taking pictures of iguanas. XD

Also, Mr. Harm here could totally be quoting the otters of Southpark. “And i shall bash his skull like a clam on my tummy!”. XD

Thanks for reading! Sorry for the shitty description this time. XD


Okay…credit where credit is due, I suspect that Harm is going to cause a massive war to wipe out all his competitors and adversaries. Now that I think about it, this reminds me of how the USA revolutionary army employed Native Americans to fight on their sides and, in some cases, the British side too.

Yep, and they were paid in Beer, Land, food, pelts, weapons, and just about anything else as well. Heck, thanks to the Revolutionary war, warring tribes either combined into one, made peace, or joined opposing sides of the war.. the revolutionary war allowed the Native Americans to make a profit and settle disputes all at the same time.

Hmm, arm the natives, let them rile up the settlers, and step in to do business with them. Arm both sides of the conflict, kill off the weaker one, and boom, you’ve made money. Unfortunately, no matter how it ends, the rattlers get the short end of the stick ><.

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