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The Pride of the Huntress: 17

The Pride of the Huntress: 17 published on 10 Comments on The Pride of the Huntress: 17

Hello everyone!

Well, the comic should be back for now. I ran unto an extended hiatus due to several things that happened in my life.

When i lost my job at the newspaper, i panicked and got myself involved in several projects to try to get some extra income. It proved to be more than i could actually handle accordingly and then i had to adjust my workload so i would actually deliver on what i promised to people.

It also happened that my sister ended up hospitalized and the insurance company decided her coverage wouldn’t cover this case. So i ended up doing several donation streams and raffles to cover the medical bill before the interests came up. This meant that i had to dedicate my free time for several months to this.

In the end, life got in the way, i made some decisions and i had to respect the consequences of them. I should be in better shape now and i am catching up with Patreon rewards and Tina of the South.

My apologies. Hope you continue enjoying the coming.


First: I’m glad things are smoothing out for you. I can sympathize with not having the cash to pay medical bills. How is your sister doing? Better, I hope. Second: Good to see you continuing the strip. I’ve enjoyed it up to now and was concerned that it might not continue. Your art and story are first rate. Good luck and I’ll be reading you.

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