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The Pride of the Huntress: 17

The Pride of the Huntress: 17 published on
Hello everyone! Well, the comic should be back for now. I ran unto an extended hiatus due to several things that happened in my life. When i lost my job at the newspaper, i panicked and got myself involved in several projects to try to get some extra income. It proved to be more than i could actually handle accordingly and then i had to adjust my workload so i would actually deliver on what i promised to people. It also happened that my sister ended up hospitalized and the insurance company decided her coverage wouldn’t cover this case. So i ended up doing several donation streams and raffles to cover the medical bill before the interests came up. This meant that i had to dedicate my free time for several months to this. In the end, life got in the way, i made some decisions and i had to respect the consequences of them. I should be in better shape now and i am catching up with Patreon rewards and Tina of the South. My apologies. Hope you continue enjoying the coming.