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The Pride of the Huntress 14

The Pride of the Huntress 14 published on 9 Comments on The Pride of the Huntress 14
I got not much to say at the moment. Just that  a really amazing job opening  at a place i tried to apply years ago is avaiable so i am going to be working on a lot of new pieces for a portfolio. I really hope to get that one. Other than that, i just want to make a little plug for the Kickstarter of Uberquest. The basic goal has almost been reached and it still has 23 more days to go! Do show some support to Skidd and Phuffy to get the first volume of the comic on print! Just follow this link! Thanks a lot for reading!
  • Kaeto

    Well trained mount.

  • neksuscat .

    She just got whacked. XD

    • ariedren

      I think she just got introduced to an internship as a doormat.

      • Kaeto

        Which by her attitude she deserves.

  • LostGryphon

    >_> Perfectly within your rights to shank her a bit at this point, Sitala.

    • Avencri

      Just a bit of course. XD

  • Noerlyth

    the way she speaks about the strider makes you wonder what they did together

  • marzio bergagna

    It would seem that Bullet did not like it much Sitala XD
    One would say that she is fond of her pet! But only fraternal friendship, or she gets “console” from him when is very lonely? (You see what I mean, eh?)
    How Tina no longer has her hat and boots?

  • Shadowkey392

    Aaaaand now Sitala’s got a concussion.