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The Pride of the Huntress 13

The Pride of the Huntress 13 published on 7 Comments on The Pride of the Huntress 13

New page of Tina for now.  For now i am posting a censored version of this page until the age verification system of the site gets reworked and is properly functional. Gonna post the original page on my FA account and once the age verification system is working i will be posting the unedited version on the Katbox. Sorry about that.

So Comicon Passed and i got to say i am a bit sad, i wasn’t able to get my Visa for the US and i missed an oportunity to meet some of my friends and people I admire from the comic industry. Hopefully i will be able to get the Visa in time for next year since some more of my friends are going.

On other news… i have been working hard on trying to have 40 hours of productive work a week as a freelancer at minimun. I tend to get distracted easily and i wish this wasn’t much of an issue. I have steadily been working on this issue and have gotten progress so far. But i still have a lot of self control to get.


yeah, dad, way to ruin the mood for the trip!
Well, at least for your daughter~ >w>

Also, DAMN you, censore bar! DX<

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