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The pride of the huntress 11

The pride of the huntress 11 published on 4 Comments on The pride of the huntress 11
Well… Sitala sure wants to leave a mark i think. XD Anyways, i will be out for a couple of days back at my hometown. Mom is getting her cast removed tomorrow so i got to drive her around town for her appointment with the doctor. Also, i finally had the cable company come and replace the faulty modem i had. My WiFi was intermitente so i had between 12 adn 20 disconnections per day. Which made streaming art  really hard for me ever since i learned that for each of my disconnections my followers recieved a new email from Picarto noticing them that i was starting a new streaming session… i felt bad and i haven’t streamed for a while to avoid spamming the inboxes due to my crappy service. That should be fixed now. Thanks for reading! =D
  • Tyler Burns

    I like the crush on the snake thing going on, there’s a lot of potential for comedy there

  • LostGryphon

    Voting for Sitala as Best Girl™.

    • marzio bergagna

      NO! Tina is the best girl ever ^_^

  • Facade Kitsune

    well looks like they are still alive … I think