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odd though. Sitala saved Tina because she believed that Tina is a cop. However, regardless wheter Tina is a bounty hunter or a cop, in both cases she’d bring them to Nexus and in neither case they would die. Also, Sitala states “Your laws and your government barely consider us people”. Tina is neither part of the government nor the law. She’s a bounty hunter and bears no wrong at all.
(Except she’s heavily flirting with every male tribesmember including Sitalas dad.)

She’s got anger management issues, that Sitala.

HA! I so enjoy it whenever the title of the actual work is somehow placed into the actual work in and of itself.
But in all due seriousness, I suspect that Alex is finally getting a little bit more concerned with their entire situation with the whole not being able to talk to anyone else (which I suspect has to do more with preventing riots) and freaky text above her bed.

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