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The pride of the huntress 09

The pride of the huntress 09 published on 12 Comments on The pride of the huntress 09
Well i had to take an unplanned break from this comic to set up my life back in track and i am now starting from where i left. Tina in beefcake town! XD Don’t got much new to say so i will just repeat a bit of what i said on the update i did for TEoR. Having more free time has made me more productive with the artwork. I have been WAY more productive in the last two months than a very long ago. I also managed to finish all comissions i owed to people and now i am moving to Patreon prizes i need to deliver. This means that i am opening commissions again and all slots are already asked for by now which actually paints a great picture for the immediate future. I just need to keep delivering and not succumb to  procastination. Thanks for reading! =D
  • Zarylo

    This image is lovely!

  • Zorro362

    hahahaha i never get tired of penpen’s antics

  • Jack Mcslay

    holy crap, what did they hunt? A belgian blue?

    • Vevans0009

      I wondered about that too! XD

  • SgtBash96

    I don’t think she’s left her old life behind…just yet X3

  • Vevans0009

    Oh, Tina. Your such a horny girl. Also, Sitala is so awesome in this strip.

  • Edge Knight


  • DarkMyste

    the chief saw you first and i dont think the others will like it if the chief starts killing the competition

  • LostGryphon

    Well…it IS a desert, so it only follows, logically, that she would be thirsty. >_>

  • Shadowkey392

    Tina is now in heaven.

  • This guy

    One thrust and she’ll have a baby in no time.

  • Timecapsule13

    No… Bad Tina, you know what happened last time…