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The pride of the huntress 07

The pride of the huntress 07 published on 18 Comments on The pride of the huntress 07

Hello everyone!

I just want to apologize for running late this week. But here is the new page of Tina of the South. No real big news to share at the moment, but i do have a week of vacations due to holidays. Gonna be spending them working on commissions, comics and Patreon prizes i need to deliver.

Enjoy the week guys!


What’s withe the age verification on this page? Also, do you REALLY think anyone puts their real birthday in there?

We can’t put the age verifier on a page to page basis so in order to have it we have to use it on the whole comic site even if the newest page is innofensive. Also, the real problem is not having people lying about their age. Showing NSFW content without a warning is. It can get people into trouble is seen at an inopportune moment and with no warning.

is he a boy scout too???

I smell duel with the cuchillos and the tomahawks in the next page, no more babbles, just… action!!!
I like Sitala in the third panel, you draw her proid and terrible, a true red indian warrior 😉
Question: Wath is that things out of the arbour in the fifth panel?

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