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The pride of the huntress 06

The pride of the huntress 06 published on 11 Comments on The pride of the huntress 06

Hello everyone!

Just a reminder that thanks to the first milestone on Patreon  the updates of Tina of the South are no longer based on donations and will be done in a bi-monthly fashion. Basically when The Eye of Ramalach doesn’t update, we get a Tina of the South page.

I am also happy to introduce Hothlepoya, the leader of the rattler tribe of which Sitala is a member. This is one character G30ff and I have spent a lot of time having fun with and we hope that he is well received.

Thanks a lot everyone!


Aw…I miss her long hair already, but she looks so cute. And I like the Chief.I’m also already shipping these two. <3

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