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The pride of the huntress 05

The pride of the huntress 05 published on 36 Comments on The pride of the huntress 05
Hello everyone! Just letting you know that the 5 paid pages of Tina of the South are done and that the donations for page 6 are now officially open. What will  happen now? Well, I will keep doing a comic page per week. But when no pages of Tina of the South have been completed, i will be posting a page for The Eye or Ramalach. Once a new page donation has reached i will post the new Tina page. Thanks for reading!
  • Zoie Falcona

    Ouch! What a way to wake up from a nightmare… and next to a man bare bum naked too!

    • Elosan

      Oh, I am sure he is a gentlemen. I mean just look at his face 🙂

      • Avencri

        He sure is! XD

  • marzio bergagna

    Whaaaaat… ???? Wair, wait a second Avencri! Tina come ine Sitala’s villagge, safe and sound, in a tepee, and medicate by a good looking medicine man????!!!!! This nonsense, in the first pages Sitala is going to kill here (or, maybe, mistreat), and now Tina is to spoil and curate by here enemy!!!
    This is total nonsense!!!
    Or, maybe, it’s an indian trick?
    Please, explain me!

    • Avencri

      That is to be addressed on the next pages with the Rattler tribe.

  • Justin Tyler Southerland

    “do i know you?” Mady me snicker out loud, which got me some weird looks from the family

  • Sandra Hermans

    Nice idea, representing the ‘Native Americans’ as Western Diamondbacks. I like the designs for them as well. Also… the Marshall is a d*k.

    • Avencri

      Thanks. The other tribes are represented by California Kingsnakes and Corals. This chapter is all about the diamondbacks though.

  • kitromney

    Man oh man, this just keeps getting better an…

  • Mauricio Filmore

    I think i might donate 50$ cause i’m curious for next page ^^.

    • Zelag II

      Please do.

  • LostGryphon

    ‘Tis a bit breezy in that tent, I’d imagine…

  • william

    so that was a dream? trippy. can’t wait to see the explanantion for why her clothes are missing.

    • alex_longfur

      We are a strange group of sociopaths.

      • Radar

        ya got that right

    • Avencri

      It was meant to be a flashback. Also the clothe thing might not be as interesting as you might think. XD

      • y’know Avencri, I’ve been wandering about your Eye of Ramalach comic recently, and I’m wondering, are you gonna make the Eye of Ramalach a Page Donating comic like this one here, or are you just having a writer’s block with the Eye of Ramalach?

        • Avencri

          Actually i will be updating The Eye when a week comes where the new donations for Tina ain’t reached. This week for example has an update for The Eye. But due to some schedule conflict with my work i won’t be posting it until tomorrow or maybe even friday. Which would be funny since i would be posting two pages very close to each other.

      • Safary Noneya

        Woah woah.. That actually HAPPENED?? At first I thought it was a dream or a hallucination too since she was knocked out right before it started. But if that was real, that Marshal is an absolute douchebag.

  • MaveriKat

    Ouch. Poor Tina.

  • Tappu

    awe 🙁

  • Majinkoba

    You aren’t you when you’re hungry, have a snickers Kibbles….cranky hungry Kibbles XD

    • Alex Smith

      Angry hungry, in our family, we call it Hangry.

  • deathknight

    Cranky kibbles is cranky. Give her some nums or she will get really irritable

  • Majinkoba

    See this is the bread and butter right here, the action has calmed down and now we get to see more casual interactions between the characters. Who will mix well with who, who will rub each other the wrong way, how each deals with stress.

    With Kibbles, though it’s not 100% confirmed, it’s likely she is a princess, so she has likely never known true hunger, and in general hasn’t had to deal with foraging for food (though she certainly covered that up nicely with a playful jab at Farron earlier). I would wonder how much of her attitude at the moment is being hungry and how much is being so used to an upperclass lifestyle.

    Also Farron on the flipside has likely had more than his fair share of hunger, so him wanting to accompany Sesame to make sure she doesn’t get hurt, or to protect his Uber investment.

    With Claire and Sesame this back and forth with trying to compete for Mason’s affection by strutting their respective strengths is adorable but I think at this point Claire is just doing it to annoy Sesame.

    • Teh Phuufs

      Well put~! As for Claire though, she isn’t trying to win over Mason’s affections or anything. She just genuinely sees someone who she can talk crafting with and wants to do something she is passionate about. Right now is a very honest Claire, she isn’t trying to be funny with dumb jokes or (failing) to seduce someone – she’s just being her. Sure, Claire enjoys teasing Sesame, just cause she’s sort of a prankster but she doesn’t have a crush on Mason like Sesame. If anything, Claire would be more interested in Sesame in that manner than Mason. 😛

      • Alex Smith

        Sesame has a crush on Mason? I can see it a bit, in the hug/wake up discussion. But is that the first glimpse we had of it? Or was I missing something during the weapon imbuing, Mason introduction section?

        Just throwing this out there, some Claire on Sesame action would be incredibly hot.

  • JohnZScott

    Claire is so cute when she’s excited and in full nerd mode! Then again I like smart ladies (which is why I like Claire so much!). She and Mason are going to be like two peas in a pod! Like Phineas and Ferb! “Mason, I know what we’re going to do today!” Also, Farron’s tough outer shell concealing a soft nougatty center makes him likable IMHO. I view him as a Han Solo-like character, seemingly selfish but has a good heart and in the end will do the right thing. Maybe the real reason he wants to go with Ses is because he doesn’t want her to get hurt? I mean he kind of hinted at that. And poor Kibbles, I’d fix her an awesome breakfast if I could.

  • MrAMP

    And today on Pimp Out My Wagon.
    Behold! My latest and greatest creation!

    I know we agreed to do a crossover…
    But this isn’t what I had in mind.
    I rather enjoy pulling this. Nice workout opportunity.
    They can talk!?


    Also, I have to give props to Farron here in essentially dissing Sesame like that. I mean, I know Sesame is trying to put on a brave face considering she has no idea what Claire is talking about and has no weapons to defend herself or her group, but even she has to snap out of it and accept reality that she can’t hunt without a weapon, as evidenced with the hesitation in the Second to Last Panel

  • Phasperous

    I can only imagine where all the food Kibbles eats goes to…

    *has slight gutter mind*

    Overall I like how well the story is developing. And the character building is really going well too! Awesome job!

  • Victor Masi

    the last 2 panels kind of remind me of a 15 page prose manuscript that I made in a Creative Writing course I took during the spring semester of my junior year (a prose manuscript that I may want to want make into a one shot comic….which I probably will do for my Thesis project next semester). The circumstances, however, are very different in my story….plus the manuscript is not the complete story and I do plan to expand it.

  • MrAMP

    Wait…those two have history together? Perhaps there is some common ground with Jeff and June…their hatred of the little blue terror, Eddy.

    • neksuscat .

      Damn, didn’t really read what you wrote, but it turned out the same.. XD

  • neksuscat .

    And then they get together AGAINST the blue brat? :p

  • Shadowkey392

    Well this was unexpected…but now I think I can guess at Eddy’s plan. Smart guy.

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    I wonder when we’ll get back to Peter and Company