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Chapter 2: The Pride of the Huntress

Chapter 2: The Pride of the Huntress published on 45 Comments on Chapter 2: The Pride of the Huntress

Hello everyone! Chapter 2 of Tina of the South is now ready to start. Last time I did a cover featuring Tina so now I felt it was ideal to have another one with a new character to be featured this chapter.  As I had said before, 5 pages of chapter two have been donated for and I just want to leave clear that the  cover doesn’t count towards that number.

I really hope that you guys will enjoy the following story.  And feel free to give your opinion on the series in a comment below.

Have fun!


Still sticking with the black and white or now going color? Also this chapter is gonna be sweeeeet :D!

I love her design, but I bet it’ll be a pain to draw often. I like the redesigned graphics for the webpage!

To be honest i think Mayte is harder to draw due to all the spots on her body. And what redesigned graphics?

That’s a beautiful drawing of Sitala but if she had just plopped down after a tough fight, that creatures tongue wouldn’t be draped over her leg, it would be under it.
Random thought: Seeing her spitting made me wonder, are anthros based on venomous creatures also venomous? Does she have retractable fangs (not that she would need them)?

A rattlesnake? That’s kickass.

I’m REALLY glad to see you drew her flat-chested. So much of the time i see people giving boobs to reptiles and it just REALLY irks me.

Glad to see you’re back, Avencri. 🙂

I hate to burst your bubble(s) but you may want to look closer. She definitely has boobs. You can see the curves under her top.

Eh, i prefer the black and white, makes it seem like a old western, but what you could do is wait till like halfway trough, then change to color, like during a fight science, and have one of the characters comment about wanting to see the color of there blood

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