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The Winchester Gang

Golddigger’s Haven

Terra Rica Marshals

Rattler Tribe

Hazard Company

Edward Bradley
“Cute, AND paying well? I’ve found me a winner!”
Age Species Profession First Appearance
22 Armadillo Bounty Hunter/Waitress Chapter 1

Among the Marshals of Terra Rica, none is more highly regarded, or more brazen, than Edward Bradley. He’s good at his job, no question, but he has an aloof and detached attitude that keeps him from looking professional. It doesn’t help that Bradley himself is something of a womanizer, sleeping around and often forgetting about the women he beds, a fact that Tina had the misfortune of discovering.

Bradley is a serious Marshal, giving any job his full attention and effort. Off the job, he’s more playful, particularly at the expense of his younger partner Gregory Wallace. Acting as Gregory’s surrogate older brother, Bradley tries to instil in him life lessons and offers him advice about work and women. The people he genuinely cares about are few and far between. His mind is focused on his job. Although that doesn’t stop him from heaping the paperwork on Gregory.

Gregory Wallace
“It doesn’t matter how big or strong you are. You will fall before me.”
Age Species Profession First Appearance
18 Rattlesnake Hunter/Tracker Chapter 2

All Gregory Wallace ever wanted to do since he was a child was become a law officer. A naive and idealistic boy, he grew up into a naive and idealistic young man, learning fast that the real world is not as cut and dry, good vs. evil as he thought it was. His heart is in the right place, even if his common sense is not, and he believes in doing the right thing, even if he has trouble figuring out what the right thing is.

Gregory is a shy and impressionable person, the type to stare disapprovingly when a friend breaks the rules, but afraid to be the one left out. He’s a quick study, and impressed his superior Marshal Edward Bradley. Bradley took Gregory under his wing, and while Gregory may disapprove of Bradley’s less than professional conduct at times, he respects and trusts his partner. Even when he gets stuck with all the paperwork.

“You poor dear… Don’t worry. You’re safe here.”
Age Species Profession First Appearance
56 Sheep Proprietor of The Honey Pot Chapter 1

Very little is known about the assassin known as Hawkeye. There are no official records of his existence, and he’s so elusive that some believe he’s more of a legend than a man. What is known about Hawkeye is that he’s one of the greatest sharpshooters in the world, wielding a heavily modified rifle for greater range than any other contemporary weapon. He’s cold and callous, with little regard for the lives of others, particularly his targets. If you find yourself at the other end of his barrel, you’re already dead.

“It may be a quiet night, but the show must go on!”
Age Species Profession First Appearance
22 Rabbit Singer/Dancer Chapter 1

Before the settlers came to Terra Rica, the land was settled by many tribes of snakes. After the wars fought by the settlers, there are only three tribes left. Hothlepoya believed that there could be peace between his people and the new arrivals. After the deaths of so many of his tribesmen, including his wife, he now believes differently. But while the other tribes deal with the situation in their own ways, Hothlepoya tries to give the settlers a wide berth.

He is a wise man, and a brutal fighter even at his age. Most interesting is how kind and genial he appears, greeting newcomers with a smile. Perhaps he still feels peace is possible. Or perhaps it’s because he has quite a taste for beautiful women, and flirts and seduces at the drop of a hat, a fact that gives his daughter Sitala no end of frustration.

Jeanette Dubois
Age Species Profession First Appearance
25 Squirrel Escort Chapter 1

In Terra Rica, there are few people kinder than Jeanette Dubois. As the owner of The Honey Pot burlesque house, she naturally doesn’t have the best reputation, but to the girls she has taken in and supported, she is like a second mother. When she immigrated to Terra Rica before the war, she was left on her own with nothing. Now, with her modest success, she wants to help other girls who have nowhere else to go. Her kindly demeanour makes The Honey Pot more of a family than a business, and many of the employees have nowhere else to go. As a close friend of Tina’s father Luke Winchester, she took Tina in following his death, and the young Tina became like a daughter to her.

As kind and benevolent as Jeanette is, she expects people to pull their weight, and her matronly nature makes it hard for people to want to disappoint her. She’s always looking out for the best interests of her girls, and will do whatever she can to protect them. Tina’s decision to become a bounty hunter hit her hard, and she frets terribly over Tina’s safety. It’s always with pure relief that she welcomes her surrogate daughter home from a job.

Lucy Burgundy
“Take it easy. You’re safe now. How you pulled that off is still a mystery.”
Age Species Profession First Appearance
27 Rabbit Doctor Chapter 1

Lucy is perhaps the girl at The Honey Pot who is most excited about her work. As the star attraction of the stage show, Lucy is popular and adored by the clientele, and her charisma makes her the surrogate big sister of the girls of the club. It’s common knowledge among the girls that Jeanette is grooming Lucy to take over for her when she retires, but even if she weren’t, Lucy would still work as hard as she does. She loves singing, she loves dancing, and she loves being the centre of attention.

She and Tina have been best friends for as long as either of them can remember, and they act as each other’s sounding board and confidant. Lucy may deride Tina for her impatience and impulsiveness, but she still cares deeply for her friend, and greets her every return home with a hug. Lucy’s confidence has its limits, of course, particularly when it comes to the town’s doctor, for whom she has strong feelings.

Mr. Patrick Harm
“All in a day’s work, ma’am. Though I’d be happy to show you what’s in a night’s work.”
Age Species Profession First Appearance
29 Armadillo Marshal Chapter 1

At first glance, Patrick Harm appears jovial and boistrous, very personable and amiable. Every bit the salesman. But appearances are very deceiving. Mr. Harm, the head of the mysterious Hazard Company, is a shrewd and calculating businessman, always ready with a line and a plan for any contingency. He’s sneaky and underhanded, perfectly content to use and abuse others for even slight profit or advantage. And when backed into a corner, he shows that he’s also incredibly dangerous in combat, armed with dangerous explosives to the teeth. Mr. Harm is one salesman you should hope never pays you a visit.

“Are you sure it’s okay? I don’t remember reading about this in the handbook…”
Age Species Profession First Appearance
24 Prairie Dog Marshal Chapter 1

Terra Rica was once home to many tribes of snakes, but when the first settlers arrived conflict soon followed. Now only three native tribes remain. One of them is the Rattlers. Sitala is the eldest daughter of Chief Hothlepoya, and she certainly didn’t inherit her attitude from him. She holds tremendous anger towards all the settlers for what they’ve done to her people, and to her family in particular, an anger that causes her to lash out even at innocents. She’s short tempered and impulsive, acting before thinking quite often, and eager to prove herself in battle.

Sitala is a deadly fighter at close range with knives and claws, and at a distance with bow and arrow. She’s a skilled tracker and hunter, and very proud of herself and her abilities. She considers it very impressive if anyone can best her in battle, although to date those who can claim that honor are few and far between. She knows that one day she will succeed her father as leader of her tribe, and takes that very seriously, determined to make him proud. Her loyalty is hard-earned, but valuable, a fact that Tina finds out the hard way. The two butt heads constantly, but they will have to put aside their differences to save both the Rattlers and Terra Rica from the looming threat.

Tina Winchester
“You have travelled far. You must be tired. Please, step into my cabin and let me help you rest…”
Age Species Profession First Appearance
50 Rattlesnake Hunter and chief of the Rattler Tribe Chapter 2

When Luke Winchester’s mine dried up, the town of Golddigger’s Haven lost its livelihood, and poor Luke lost his life. The only witness to his brutal slaying was his daughter, Tina Winchester, and that moment changed and defined her life forever. Taken in and raised by her father’s friend Jeanette Dubois, Tina constantly feared for her safety, until one fateful night when she decided to stop being afraid and stand up. Buoyed by her first big time success, Tina decided to change professions and become a bounty hunter, cleaning up the island of Terra Rica and hopefully finding the man who killed her father.

Tina is a firecracker of a personality, strong and ferocious, with a hot temper to boot. She is fiercely devoted to her adopted family and those she calls friends, and will give her all to save someone dear to her. She has a soft spot for money and handsome men, an easily exploitable weakness that often leaves her flirting with Mr. Wrong far more often than she likes. She has a strong sense of morals, however, and can even turn down large sums of money if it’s to do the right thing. She just won’t like it.

“Three Chins” Joe
“Don’t bother running. I have you in my sights.”
Age Species Profession First Appearance
34 Wolf Assassin Chapter 1

“Three Chins” Joe was once a low level thug, working for others for a pittance and dreaming about making it big. But his killer instinct led to interest in him from a third party, who offered him a chance to make it big. Life was good after joining Hazard Company. He had money, he had power, and his home town of Golddigger’s Haven was his personal playground. Anyone who stood up to him was dealt with brutally. He was on top of the world, and felt invincible. So invincible in fact that he dared to steal something from his employers, believing he could easily get away with it.

But then one day he pushed around the wrong people, and met his match: Tina Winchester, a lowly waitress, took him and his gang down. As he lamented his defeat in his cell, his treachery caught up with him, and thanks to Hawkeye, Joe learned that he wasn’t as invincible as he once thought.

“Now that I have your undivided attention… have I got a proposal for you!”
Age Species Profession First Appearance
43 Otter CEO of Hazard Company Chapter 2

“Ain’t nobody man enough to go toe to toe with ME!”
Age Species Profession First Appearance
32 Pig Hired Gun Chapter 1
  • Rocket_T_Coyote

    Nice look to the characters. Tina is the prettiest armadillo in the West!

    • Kobra Quickstrike

      I certainly agree with that one partner! 😉

  • jajaja porque no te apuras con el nuevo comic??

  • LifeWulf

    I really like all of the facial expressions in panel… 3, I think? That wall is making it difficult to separate them!

  • yachris

    Oh man. I think Jill’s gonna flip out after how worried she was about Pete earlier…

  • Vulpine Warrior

    Poor Lina. I’d be trying to get Pepsi out of EmMA.

  • MrAMP

    Wait a minute…
    Closed quarters + tobacco user – tobacco X rage urge = death by crazed cigarette user.
    Kidding aside thought, I have to say that I got a kick out of this page, especially with Alex acting all cat like in Panel Four with the whole lifting the arms up like that. I also suspect that Jill is going to snap as Pete isn’t here.
    Also, I just noticed…what happened to Art’s tail? Did he get into a worker’s accident.

    • Dorcus

      Another dubious design choice; when confronted with an addict EmMA has no responses to settle withdrawal symptoms. Unless the water is laced with low-level sedatives, which it certainly could be.

      Admittedly, nicotine detox is fairly low-risk, it’s not like the pure torture of opioid withdrawal, so perhaps they just don’t care. But it still creates a troublesome dynamic when your slaves are expected to perform “customer-facing” duties.

      More ambiguously, we’ve just seen proof that the humans have advanced VI capable of language processing. The kind of VI capable of doing, well, everything that the slaves are currently expected to do at a fraction of the cost. One has to wonder, if your abductees don’t *need* to work, why are you forcing them to work anyway?

      Needless cruelty to satiate a psychological hunger? Insane social constructs by a society that lost the ability to change or even think for itself? Simply a distraction while you test, study, and prepare for the inexorable conquest/genocide program? Many possible answers, none of them good.

  • zophah

    I just realized… EmMA just acknowledged that Pete is somewhere else, otherwise it wouldn’t have understood that the main characters were asking if he was another resident of their room.

  • Akira

    Does anyone else notice that EmMa resembles Aigis from Persona 3 or was that too obvious that it doesn’t need to be pointed out?

  • Joe

    …I just thought of something. Could this be considered a “Precision F-Strike”? I know that Trilby is always effing and blinding, but because Lina said, could it be considered that…?

  • Alterna

    There’s a couple I don’t know. Can someone please make a list? :3

    • FoxFireInferno

      Farron is Beetlejuice (with his mimic as a Sandworm)
      Sesame is Chun-Li from Street Fighter
      Claire and Mason are Dr. Frankenstein and his/her Monster
      The bat-person is someone from Stephen Universe (don’t watch the show, so can’t name names)
      The cowboy and the archer are McCree and Hanzo from Overwatch.
      No idea on Kibbles, Proto, or the dragon-girl.

      • Alterna

        Thank you! I think Kibbles may be Rose from Stephen Universe and the dragon-girl Alice in Wonderland.

        • Teh Phuufs

          Valmont is Peridot from Steven Universe.

        • Rateus

          I thought Kibbles was in a wedding dress. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking!

      • John Belrose

        Proto is the main character from Undertale, affectionately known as Chara. And yes Kibs is Rose Quartz.

        • nagashi

          actually with the color scheme, proto is Frisk, not Chara. Frisk’s shirt was blue and pink. Chara was yellow and green.

      • Stephen Gilberg

        Silly me, I thought Sesame was a waterbender.

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    I went as drag alice, lucifer, and the grim creeper. Frisk is never irrelevant. I scared lots of people.

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    Beetlejuice? It’s been 20 years since I last watched that movie

    • FoxFireInferno

      You should watch it again. It’s a classic. 🙂

  • Alex Smith

    I hope that’s regular Claire, and not other dimension evil Claire.

  • John Belrose

    So who is the dragon girl? She is adorable!!!

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      Raziel, introduced in comic 66

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