The pride of the huntress 08

Hello everyone!

For those that wanted an update from my status i will encourage you to read the description i wrote on the last TEoR page i posted. For those that did i just want to add one little adventure that happened on thursday.

Turns out there was a car crash across the street from the building i work at. The cars took out  a water pipe that was on surface because there was a construction site next to it. The ruptured pipes added pressure to the underground pipes and broke a gas pipeline. The car crash also tore down an electric post which in turn lighted up the gas.

So basically there was this huge explosion that took everyone by surprise, since the gas pipelline was underground a main avenue, the whole thing collapsed and there was a 20 meter tall flame. We got evacuated and sent home since they feared an even bigger explosion with a big shockwave.

It was very suprising to be honest. XD

Catching Up With The Times

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